Skeptical Argument: The Existence of God is Unlikely

SKEPTIC'S ARGUMENT:  "By looking at human behavior as objectively as I can, from an anthropological perspective, all paths lead me to support the hypothesis that God is the combination of projection and transference of a given culture's (and individual's) ideals and ideal relationships onto an unseen (yet psychically, very real) entity. Borrowing from analytic psychology, what I believe happens is the creation (or greater potentiation) of a complex, charged emotional contents with attendant thoughts and images, continually reinforced through normal operant techniques through institutions such as churches and their various rituals.


"My latest thinking on the topic of God is that it's hard to look at the DNA sequence for a particular trait (speaking as a software engineer), and not say, 'You know, that looks a lot like machine code! And that, in turn, presupposes a programmer, a Creator!' At the same time, this is far removed from the idea of a personal, loving, Christian God who cares about us individually and will somehow rescue us from extermination at death.


"Don't get me wrong: I very much hope that there is a loving God, but in light of what I know of neuroscience, it seems unlikely. It seems much more likely that we are the miraculous products of natural selection. I also believe that religion is very much man-made, and that if God does exist, he appears to be utterly and absolutely silent, having nothing to do with humankind, other than in man's dreams, hopes, and fantasies (though these are products of man's minds). I don't say any of this to be disrespectful, and I'm painfully aware of how emotional an issue religion is, but I say it in the spirit of honest exploration."


KEVIN WILLIAMS, B.SC.:  "Testimonies from those having near-death experiences probably support much, if not all, of what you are saying. Man certainly did create religion and the idea of god(s); and the idea of a "Master DNA programmer God" does seem much more like an impersonal concept compared to the Christian notion of a wrathful/loving God.


"The only realistic answer to the question, 'What is God?,' is that 'God' is only an idea representing whatever people want it to mean. Many Christians believe God is a divine Father. Hindus believe God (Brahman) to be life manifesting itself everywhere with no exceptions. Cave men may have believed God to be the sun. To tribal cults, God may be a stone statue. Certainly, people throughout history believed things that seem utterly ridiculous to our enlightened minds today. 'God,' as a concept, has so many different meanings to so many different people throughout history that it is really useless to talk about the idea of a God until empirical evidence for such a Supreme Being or Consciousness can be discovered.


"However, NDE experiencers have much to say about their encounter with a light so vast and personal that words are inadequate to describe it. A consensus among NDErs seems to be that this light represents all knowledge, all consciousness and all creation which is so pervasive and yet so subtle, it borders on pantheism - minus any impersonal aspect. In quantifying the nature of his light, I have read many NDE testimonies where experiencers use descriptive words such as Love, Life, Light, the All, the Source, the Force, the Oneness, Divine Consciousness, the Master-Vibration, etc. But according to many of these same experiencers, even these descriptions are woefully inadequate. One experiencer preferred to describe this light as 'the Light that Loves.' Another experiencer, Chuck Griswold, stated in the NDE documentary entitled Shadows, 'Life is love is God. If you add anymore to this definition then you are not making it any better.'


"When NDE experiencers say that life itself is 'God,' they usually mean everything is a part of this light or 'God' or simply that everything is 'God.' Given all these definitions, we might as well claim that all of reality is this 'God' - nothing excluded. For this reason, we should probably just assign the term 'God' to the toy box - because of all the 'baggage' associated with it and simply say there is no 'Grand Old Man' sitting on a Throne ruling everything. It is possible that there is only one Ultimate Reality incorporating everything and this may be what people throughout the ages have been worshipping as 'divinity.'"


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

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