Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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 1. Amazon Directories Books and Products 
 a. Amazon Directory of Books and Ebooks By Subject
  Afterlife Books   -E-     Christian Books (continued)   Medical Books   -E-
  Deathbed Visions   -E-   -- Christian Gnosticism   -E-   Basic Sciences   -E-
  Heaven   -E-   -- Christian Living   -E-   History   -E-
  Hell   -E-   -- Christian Mysticism   -E-   Medical Research   -E-
  Life After Death   -E-   -- Christology   -E-   Medicine   -E-
  Near-Death Experiences   -E-   -- Eschatology   -E-   Neuroscience   -E-
  Out-of-Body Experiences   -E-   -- Historical Theology   -E-   Nursing   -E-
  Past Life Regression   -E-   -- History of Christianity   -E-   Psychology   -E-
  Prebirth Experiences   -E-   -- Prophecy   -E-   Science and Math Books   -E-
  Reincarnation   -E-   -- Protestant Theology   -E-   Behavioral Sciences   -E-
  Shared Death Experiences   -E-   -- Protestantism   -E-   Biological Sciences   -E-
  New Age Spirituality Books   -E-   -- Salvation Theory   -E-   Earth Sciences   -E-
  Angels and Spirit Guides   -E-   -- Theology   -E-   Evolution   -E-
  Astrology   -E-   -- Worship and Devotion   -E-   History of Science   -E-
  Celtic Spirituality   -E-   Hinduism   -E-   Nature and Ecology   -E-
  Chakras   -E-   -- Chakras   -E-   Physics   -E-
  Channeling   -E-   -- Hindu Rituals and Practice   -E-   Cosmology   -E-
  Divination   -E-   -- Hindu Sacred Writings   -E-   Quantum Theory   -E-
  Dreams   -E-   -- Hinduism History   -E-   Scientific Research   -E-
  Edgar Cayce   -E-   -- Hinduism Theology   -E-   Self-Help Books   -E-
  Fortune Telling   -E-   -- Sutras   -E-   Death and Grief   -E-
  Gaia   -E-   Islam   -E-   Grief and Bereavement   -E-
  Goddesses   -E-   -- Hadith   -E-   Hospice Care   -E-
  Kundalini   -E-   -- Islamic History   -E-   Pet Loss   -E-
  Love and Loss   -E-   -- Islamic Rituals and Practice   -E-   Right to Die   -E-
  Meditation   -E-   -- Islamic Theology   -E-   Suicide   -E-
  Mysticism   -E-   -- Quran   -E-   Dreams   -E-
  New Thought   -E-   -- Sufi Islam   -E-   Hypnosis   -E-
  Numerology   -E-   Judaism   -E-   Inner Child   -E-
  Perennial Philosophy   -E-   -- Hasidism   -E-   New Age Self-Help   -E-
  Prophecy   -E-   -- Jewish History   -E-   Personal Transformation   -E-
  Reference   -E-   -- Jewish Holidays   -E-   Spiritual Self-Help   -E-
  Runes   -E-   -- Jewish Law   -E-   Social Science Books   -E-
  Sacred Geometry   -E-   -- Jewish Life   -E-   Philosophy   -E-
  Sacred Sexuality   -E-   -- Jewish Movements   -E-   -- Analytical Philosophy   -E-
  Self-Help   -E-   -- Jewish Prayer   -E-   -- Eastern Philosophy   -E-
  Shamanism   -E-   -- Jewish Sermons   -E-   -- History of Philosophy   -E-
  Soulmates   -E-   -- Jewish Theology   -E-   -- Individual Philosophers   -E-
  Spiritual Healing   -E-   -- Kabbalah and Mysticism   -E-   -- Metaphysics   -E-
  Tarot   -E-   -- Sacred Writings   -E-   -- Philosophical Movements   -E-
  Theosophy   -E-   -- Women and Judaism   -E-   -- Philosophy of Good and Evil   -E-
  Urantia   -E-   Other Eastern Religions   -E-   -- Philosophy of Mind   -E-
  Paranormal Books   -E-   -- Confucianism   -E-   -- Philosophy of Religion   -E-
  Ancient Controversial Knowledge   -E-   -- Feng Shui   -E-   Social Sciences   -E-
  Magick Studies   -E-   -- I Ching   -E-   -- Customs and Traditions   -E-
  Occultism   -E-   -- Jainism   -E-   -- Folklore and Mythology   -E-
  Supernatural   -E-   -- Karma   -E-   Sociology   -E-
  Synchronicity   -E-   -- Shintoism   -E-   -- Death   -E-
  UFO   -E-   -- Sikhism   -E-   Books on Various Subjects
  Unexplained Mysteries   -E-   -- Tao Te Ching   -E-   Arts and Photography   -E-
   Parapsychology Books   -E-   -- Taoism   -E-   Biographies and Memoirs   -E-
  Clairvoyance   -E-   -- Tibetan Book of the Dead   -E-   Business and Money   -E-
  Electronic Voice Phenomenon   -E-   -- Zoroastrianism   -E-   Children's Books   -E-
  Energy Healing   -E-   Other Religions   -E-   Comics and Graphic Novels   -E-
  Extrasensory Perception   -E-   -- Baha'i   -E-   Computers and Technology   -E-
  Ghosts and Hauntings   -E-   -- Cults   -E-   Cooking Food and Wine   -E-
  Mediumship   -E-   -- Demonology and Satanism   -E-   Crafts Hobbies and Home   -E-
  Precognition   -E-   -- Druidism   -E-   Education and Teaching   -E-
  Psychic Phenomena   -E-   -- Eckankar   -E-   Engineering and Transportation   -E-
  Psychokinesis   -E-   -- Egyptian Book of the Dead   -E-   Gay and Lesbian   -E-
  Psychometry   -E-   -- Freemasonry   -E-   History   -E-
  Quantum Consciousness   -E-   -- Hermetism   -E-   Humor and Entertainment   -E-
  Quantum Mysticism   -E-   -- Messianic Judaism   -E-   Law   -E-
  Remote Viewing   -E-   -- Mysticism   -E-   Literature and Fiction   -E-
  Skepticism   -E-   -- Theism   -E-   Mental Health   -E-
  Spiritualism   -E-   -- Tribal and Ethnic   -E-   Mysteries Thriller and Suspense   -E-
  Telepathy   -E-   -- Universalism   -E-   Parenting and Relationships   -E-
  Transpersonal Psychology   -E-   -- Wicca and Paganism   -E-   Politics and Government   -E-
  Religion Books   -E-   Religious Art   -E-   Reference   -E-
  Agnosticism   -E-   Religious Experience   -E-   Romance   -E-
  Atheism   -E-   Religious Literature and Fiction   -E-   Science Fiction and Fantasy   -E-
  Existence of God   -E-   Religious Studies   -E-   Sports and Outdoors   -E-
  Buddhism   -E-   -- Church and State   -E-   Teen and Young Adult   -E-
  -- History of Buddhism   -E-   -- Comparative Religion   -E-   Travel   -E-
  -- Mahayana Buddhism   -E-   -- History of Religion   -E-   Women's Health   -E-
  -- Rituals and Practice   -E-   -- Philosophy of Religion   -E-  
  -- Sacred Writings   -E-   -- Psychology of Religion   -E-  
  -- Theravada Buddhism   -E-   -- Psychology and Christianity   -E-  
  -- Tibetan Buddhism   -E-   -- Religious Intolerance   -E-  
  -- Zen Buddhism   -E-   -- Science and Religion   -E-
  Christian Books and Bibles   -E-   -- Sociology of Religion   -E-  
  -- Angelology and Demonology   -E-   -- Theology   -E-
  -- Apologetics   -E-   -- Worship and Devotion   -E-
  -- Catholicism   -E-   Health Fitness Dieting Books   -E-  
  -- Christian Biographies   -E-   Alternative Medicine   -E-
  -- Christian Denominations   -E-   Psychology and Counseling   -E-  
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 b. Amazon Directory of Products
  Amazon Movies and TV   Amazon --continued    Health & Household --continued 
  Amazon Instant Video   Dash Buttons   Personal Care
  Amazon Video   Device Accessories   Sexual Wellness
  Blu-Ray   Echo and Alexa Devices   Sports Nutrition
  Disc on Demand   Appliances   Vision Care
  Movies   Air Conditioners   Vitamins and Dietary
  TV Shows   Air Purifiers   Wellness and Relaxation
  VHS   Beverage Refrigerators   Home and Kitchen
  DVD   Ceiling Fans   Bakeware
  Genres   Compact Refrigerators   Bath
  Afterlife Related   Cooktops   Bedding
  -- Heaven   Dishwashers   Coffee Tea and Espresso
  -- Hell   Fans   Cookware
  -- Life After Death   Freezers   Dining and Entertaining
  -- Near-Death Experiences   Garbage Disposals   Event and Party Supplies
  -- Paranormal   Humidifiers   Food Service Equipment
  -- Parapsychology   Ice Makers   Furniture
  -- Psychic Phenomena   Irons and Steamers   Heating Cooling and Air Quality
  -- Quantum Consciousness   Microwave Ovens   Home Brewing and Wine Making
  -- Reincarnation   Parts and Accessories   Home Decor
  -- Religion   Range Hoods   Small Appliances
  -- Spirituality   Ranges   Storage and Organization
  Action and Adventure   Refrigerators   Vacuums and Floor Care
  Animation   Small Appliances   Water Coolers and Filters
  Arts and Entertainment   Space Heaters   Wine Accessories
  Award Winners   Trash Compactors   Mobile Apps and Games
  Broadway   Vacuums and Floor Care   Music
  Christian Movies and TV   Wall Ovens   Musical Instruments
  Classic Movies   Washers and Dryers   Office Products
  Classic TV   Wine Cellars   Cabinets Racks and Shelves
  Comedy   Arts Crafts and Sewing   Chairs and Sofas
  Cult Movies   Automotive   Copiers
  Documentary   Baby Products   Desks and Workstations
  Drama   Beauty and Personal Care   Fax Machines
  Educational   Camera and Photo   Furniture Sets
  Exercise and Fitness   Clothing Shoes and Jewelry   Office Electronics
  Faith and Spirituality   Baby   Office Furniture
  Gaming   Boys   Office Lighting
  Health   Costumes   Office Storage Supplies
  Horror   Girls   Other Office Equipment
  Jewish Heritage   Luggage and Travel Gear   Paper
  Kids and Family   Men   PDAs and Handhelds
  LGBT   Novelty and More   Point-of-Sale Equipment
  Life and Learning   Shoes Jewelry and Watches   Presentation Products
  Music Artists   Traditional and Cultural Wear   Printer Ink and Toner
  Music Videos   Work and Safety Uniforms   Printers
  Musicals   Women   Scanners
  Mystery and Thrillers   Collectibles and Fine Art   School Supplies
  Romance   Computers and Accessories   Tables
  Science Fiction   Computers and Tablets   Telephones
  Special Interests   Computer Peripherals   Video Projectors
  Sports   Computer Components   Patio Lawn and Garden
  TV News Programming   Data Storage   Farm and Ranch
  TV Series   Desktops   Garden Center
  TV Talk Shows   External Components   Gardening and Lawn Care
  Westerns   Laptops   Generators and Portable Power
  Formats   Laptop Accessories   Grills and Outdoor Cooking
  Blu-Ray   Monitors   Outdoor Heating and Cooling
  High-Def DVDs   Networking Products   Outdoor Lighting
  Universal Media Discs   Printers   Outdoor Power Tools
  WMV HD DVDs   Routers   Outdoor Storage
  Networks and Studios   Scanners   Patio Furniture
  A and E   Servers   Pools and Hot Tubs
  BBC   Tablets   Snow Removal
  British Television   Tablet Accessories   Software
  Cartoon Network   Tablet Replacement Parts   Sports and Outdoors
  Discovery Channel   Electronics   Outdoor Recreation
  History Channel   Car Electronics   Sports and Fitness
  PBS   Cell Phones and Accessories   Sports Fan Shop
  Sci Fi Channel   Electronic Accessories   Tools and Home Improvement
  Travel Channel   GPS and Navigation   Air Tools
  Walt Disney   Home Audio and Theater   Appliances
  DVD Specialties   Marine Electronics   Building Supplies
  4-for-3 DVD   Office Electronics   Contractor Supply
  Boxed Sets   Portable Audio and Video   Electrical
  Amazon Special Publications   Projection Screens   Hardware
  Amazon Student   Satellite Television   Kitchen and Bath Fixtures
  Audible Audiobooks    Security and Surveillance   Lighting and Ceiling Fans
  Book Award Winners   Streaming Media Players   Power and Hand Tools
  Books on CD   Television and Video   Rough Plumbing
  Calendars   Televisions   Safety and Security
  Deals in Books   VCRs   Storage and Home Organization
  Libros en Espanol   Video Game Consoles   Welding and Soldering
  Magazines   Video Projectors   Toys and Games
  NY Times Bestsellers   Wearable Technology   Electronics for Kids
  Test Preparation   Grocery and Gourmet Food   Games
  Textbooks   Health and Household   Grown-Up Toys
  Whispersync for Voice   Baby and Child Care   Hobbies
  Amazon Devices and Accessories   Fitness and Activity Monitors   Learning and Education
  Amazon Devices   Health Care   Sports and Outdoor Play
  Amazon Fire Tablets   Health Monitors   Video Games
  Amazon Fire TV   Household Supplies  
  Amazon Kindle E-Readers   Medical Supplies and Equipment
  Bundles   Oral Care  
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 2. International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Online Store
 a. IANDS Conference DVDs
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 b. IANDS Conference (Audio CDs containing MP3 Files, MP3 downloads)
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 c. IANDS Conference NDE Guest Speakers (MP3 downloads)
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 d. IANDS Books (Hard copy)
The Self Does Not Die by Titus Rivas, Robert Mays et al
The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences by P.M.H. Atwater
The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences by Janice Miner Holden, Bruce Greyson MD, and Debbie James
 e. IANDS NDE Research Index to the Periodical Literature through 2001 (online database access)
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